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Journeys through Art History
Mark Rothko & Andy Warhol

Thursday 16th and 23rd November 2023, 11am-12pm

Upstairs meeting room, rear of Presbyterian Church, Trafalgar Road, Greystones.

Posted Nov 2, 2023

These one-hour sessions are suitable for all levels of interest. They will begin with a focus on one artwork (Mark Rothko in week one, Andy Warhol in week two), before considering the era in which it was made and how it relates and compares to other works by the same artist. We will also take the opportunity to go on a visual journey, comparing these works to others from art history. 

Cost: €25 per person for both sessions

To book in advance, please contact me HERE

(Note: classes are located in a first-floor room, accessed via staircase.)

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