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Visual Artists' News Sheet continued

Marie Hanlon, 'Water - More or Less', exhibition review: Jan/Feb 2022


IMMA, 'The Maternal Gaze', exhibition review: 
Sep/Oct 2021

Profile, 'The Art of Now': Jul/Aug 2021

Vera Ryklova, 'Aesthetic Distance', exhibition review: May/Jun 2021

The Golden Fleece Award, 'A Golden Opportunity', profile: Mar/Apr 2021


Atelier Maser, 'An Integrated Vision', profile:, p25, Jan/Feb 2021

Shane Berkery, 'Contemporary Paintings', exhibition review: May/Jun 2018

Highlanes Gallery, 'This is Not Architecture',group exhibition review:
Jul/Aug 2017

Robert Kelly, 'Expanding Spaces', exhibition review: Nov/Dec 2016

Maria Simonds-Gooding, retrospective review:

Nov/Dec 2014

Robert Kelly, 'Interconnectedness', exhibition review:, p21, Jul/Aug 2014

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