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Artist statement

My work is informed by research carried out for a PhD and MPhil art history, and by creative interests identified during a HND fine art. Working across mediums and the visual languages of abstraction and figuration, it is concerned with natural dynamics, the structures that underlie reality as we experience it, and relationships within and between things. Using recurring elements, such as textiles and folds, it is especially focused on exploring the kinds of polarities we encounter in art and life, and how they relate to ideas about unity.


Recent work, inspired by my love of textiles and coastal location in Greystones, Co. Wicklow, visualises the seafront as an 'overlap zone'. Mainly through series of ink pen and pastel 'drawings-as-tapestry', it explores this location as a weave between waves and foreshore, featuring interacting warp- and weft-like elements.


Following a residency in Athens, I am also working on an art + research enquiry (one phase of which was funded by an Arts Council Agility Award). Probing relationships between contrasting elements of style in ancient Greek sculpture, it draws on ideas about iterative patterns from chaos theory to consider how categories of form may recur in refreshed ways over the course of art history.

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