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Forthcoming two-person exhibition

Courthouse Gallery, Kinvara, Co. Clare

August 19-28, 2022

Posted July 5, 2022

Drawing together the convergent practices of sisters Susan Campbell and Paula Hickey, ‘Twofold’ is a culmination of many Zoom conversations, followed by period of time spent working side by side. Set against a wider backdrop that is in many ways unstable, it looks to nature for inspiration, and especially to the dynamic equilibriums found among its processes and phenomena. Made using a range of mediums, the exhibited work references water cycles, geological formations and flora, including those local to the Burren. Demos/workshops to be announced.


Susan Campbell, living in Co. Wicklow, graduated with an HND fine art before undertaking an MPhil and PhD art history. Now integrating her creative and research interests, she is concerned with natural dynamics, the structures that underlie reality as we experience it and the inherent relationships between things. Leeds-based Paula Hickey, a regular visitor to Kinvara, holds a BA in graphic design and MA in creative practice. Inspired by the elemental, her process is rooted in material play. She believes it is through working with substances that more elusive aspects of our existence can be explored, making visible that which might otherwise remain hidden or overlooked. 


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